Ronzoni® 3 Minute Pasta
Tastes like it took a lot longer

Ronzoni 3 Minute elbows and penne

Amazing in minutes! Ronzoni® 3 Minute Pasta is available in both penne and elbows.

Ronzoni 3 Minute pasta boxes

We get it, with today’s busy lifestyles, meal planning and prep can be difficult.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a QUICK and EASY solution that tastes delicious each and every time? Our Ronzoni® 3 MINUTE PASTA is the perfect answer!

Never mushy or sticky, you can rest assured that perfect pasta will be ready in a fraction of the time.

Quicker way to al dente:

Quick and Easy Recipes: READY IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS!

Ronzoni®. We freaking love pasta™.

Inspired by our Italian heritage and made for Amercans, Ronzoni® pasta has been part of family meals for over 100 years.